Advertise for free on my site! If you have a craft-related website, or items for sale or swap, post your info right here! All crafters are welcome, not just scrapbook sites!

If you are sending me a link banner to me the banner as an attachment, or you can send it over ICQ, my UIN is 10086934. I will also need your homepage URL, so please don't forget that!

If you are posting a swap or item for me with details about the item you are "selling" and what you'd like in return, along with your full name and email address so that others can contact you if they are interested.

JUST A NOTE: This is a free service offered by me to all of you...I'm allowing you to post and list here. As far as the classifieds/swaps go, I WILL NOT be responsible for anyone not holding up their end of the swap, delivering goods, etc. **Not my problem!** Use this responsibly, please, and if you want to swap things, please follow through with those who contact you!

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