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Page Layouts by Theresa - Thanks for being the first to send layouts for the page! *G*

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    I figured I'd also let there be a "listing" of some great, creative ideas for scrapbooking... please, feel free to email me with any ideas you might have!

    Ideas from Heather:

  • I have found that my local elementary school has several (like about 35 - 40) of the cut-out molds for teacher use. I called my daughters school and they let me come in and use them for free as long as I donated some fun paper to leave there.
  • I use baseball card holders to sort and store my stickers but I have heard that others use a business card holder for the same thing and like it better.
  • If you can't afford the CropperHopper (I LOVE mine and they are on sale right now...6/01/98) then using various tool and tackle boxes works just as well, I have found several at Walmart with clear tops so that you can see what's inside. They are meant for fishing tackle, but they work great!!!
  • I found the edgeing scissors MUCH cheaper at B.J.'s and SAM's Club stores than at the big craft stores. I also found cover stock paper (in brites and pastels), stickers, binders with clear covers (that you can slip a page into the cover) and use for your stuff or for the kids...(My daughter loves hers and switches the covers all the time).
  • I use the program PrintShop Deluxe to make computer scrapbook pages easily. It is expensive but if you make your own cards, scrapbooks, etc.. then get it! (Also some stores will let you try it and return it within 3 days if your unhappy with it) Just get the program, launch it, choose the flyer option, and go to it! It takes some time to get used to it, but you can save your photos to put in, use clip art (eps or pict on the mac version) and you can assemble it all on the computer and just print out. I liked it for layout designs, or for sending pages to friends far away, either in snailmail or through email.
  • Something I did recently on a page was outline the pictures part-way around with "confetti", which I punched using a regular office holepunch, from 2 coordinating printed papers. This worked out great for a "party" page (I used it on a birthday page, for which I wanted a "festive" feel), but it does require tweezers and LOTS of patience... those little dots are tiny! *G*

    If you scrap in 12x12 size books, but have trouble finding supplies in your area, remember that you can easily take 8.5x11 border-print pages, and cut them to use areas in your larger pages. And if having the same color background bores you to tears, buy oaktag in large sheets and cut them to size. I've also heard from a friend (thanks, Lady Peaches!) that WalMart sells 12x12 page protectors in their stationery department - do check that out, if you have a WalMart in your area!

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